The Lincoln Boulevard Task Force has released two surveys to receive input from residents and businesses on the future streetscape of Lincoln, between Rose Avenue and Interstate 10 in Santa Monica.
The task force hopes to transform Lincoln into an attractive, pedestrian-friendly, neighborhood-serving street that reflects the needs and desires of the neighborhood residents and local businesses.
The group, which is supported by the Ocean Park Association, Friends of Sunset Park, Pico Neighborhood Association and Borderline Neighborhood Group, was formed in February to help make Lincoln Boulevard “safe, clean, beautiful and green.”
The task force is working with Santa Monica city staff in preliminary discussions to consider what can be done now that the California Department of Transportation has relinquished ownership of Lincoln to the city.
Group members say the two surveys will allow the community to lead the design process rather than have outside interests determine what improvements are made on the thoroughfare.
The surveys address a variety of issues, from streetscape design (trees, medians, and public art) to priority bus lanes, zoning standards and adaptive re-use of existing buildings, to traffic speed and additional crosswalks.
To access the surveys,