MEMBERS OF Team Marine at Santa Monica High School conducted clean-ups of the Pico-Kenter storm drain throughout 2012 that resulted in four 18-pound bags of trash.

Santa Monica High School’s Team Marine removed more than 75 pounds of trash from the Pico-Kenter storm drain in clean-ups held throughout 2012.
This was the fifth consecutive year that Team Marine has documented the flow of pollutants coming out of the storm drain and performed emergency clean-ups. Much of the debris collected was plastic material, said team coach Benjamin Kay.
Team members noted how two separate days of light rain in November apparently dislodged plastic litter that had accumulated in the storm drain in the dry season, carrying some of it onto the sand in front of Shutters at the Beach and Casa Del Mar hotels.
“Despite city bans on plastic grocery store bags and Styrofoam, we haven’t seen any major reduction over the years in the amount of plastic pieces flowing out of the storm drain,” said Edie Cote, co-captain of Team Marine.
Armed with supplies such as reusable gloves and buckets, Team Marine students filled four 18-pound trash bags of debris. The bulk of the litter was composed of plastic materials, such as single-use Styrofoam cups, utensils, straws, bags and cigarette butts.
Team Marine is an organization at Santa Monica High School dedicated to sound research and environmental advocacy.