Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club (SMWYC) honored winners of events it sponsored Saturday evening, November 6th.

Members and guests came to the SMWYC clubhouse to celebrate winners of the club’s sailing trophies and recognize the sportsmanship and service honorees during the past boating season.

Sailing honors were claimed by Jim Vasilion, Yassoo, SMWYC; and Vic Smith, Maine Squeeze, SMWYC, for the yacht club’s Barbecue Series.

Cruiser Series honors also went to Jim Vasilion, Yassoo, SMWYC, and his crew, wife Emily and longtime friend Ron Wood, who took top honors in their class.

It should be noted that Jim, having just celebrated his 80th birthday, chaired the Cruiser Series, raced each event and won handily.

Bob Mimura, Star Dancer, SMWYC; and Gary Speck, Bella, South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club, were awarded second and third in the plus-30-foot class, in this division.

Allan Freedman, Freedom Too, SMWYC, took top honors in the Spinnaker Division.

In the less-than-30-feet division, Ben Kaplan, Felicidad, Pacific Singlehanded Sailing Association (PSSA), was awarded first place and Lenny Gordon, Sunshine, PSSA, received second place.

Jim Vasilion also was awarded the “Cruiser Handicap Series Underall Perpetual Trophy” for having the lowest adjusted handicap rating at the end of the series.

In the PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) class, Gerhard and Janet Klose, Blade Runner, Del Rey Yacht Club (DRYC), were awarded “The Jim Foyer Perpetual Trophy” for first in Class A.

David Epstein, Superstar, DRYC, received “The Barry Labow Perpetual Trophy” for first in Class B.

The “Overall Trophy,” in memory of MacCameron Jones, founding commodore of Windjammers’ Yacht Club, was awarded to David Epstein, Superstar, DRYC.

The “Duke Jones Perpetual Trophy” was awarded to Craig Yandow, Patience, SMWYC, for first place in the One Design division.

The Sportsmanship and Service Awards were given to those who put in a lot of hard work and devotion to the club.

“The Don Morden Trophy” was presented to fleet captain Phil Seitz.

The “Busted Eardrum Trophy” was awarded to race committee chair David Osborn.

“The Anne and Jed Gardner Trophy” — “awarded to the individual or family who has brought recognition to SMWYC through their sailboat racing or cruising related efforts” — was presented to Jim Vasilion, Yassoo, SMWYC.

Edwin Freston, SMWYC judge advocate, was presented the “Millennium Trophy,” which honors the board member who has contributed the most in this board term.

The “Burgee of Merit” was presented to staff commodore David Phelps, who simply never stops working to help SMWYC grow and prosper.

The “Commodore’s Trophy” was awarded to Charlene Perron, club treasurer.

The Women of SMWYC presented their prestigious “Joey Poertz” and “Cathy Weden” awards to Sharon Hickey Boyle for her on-the-water activities.

A special award was presented to ten-year-old Laura Georgia, daughter of Mike and Judy, for her youth activities representing SMWYC.

She participated in the Women on Water series with dad Mike and represented women and received a trophy in the “Woman at the Helm” portion of that event.

Laura also spent her summer at the DRYC youth sailing program.

Viki Clark was awarded the “Helene Scott Perpetual Trophy” for her outstanding service to the Women of SMWYC, with programs, events and major involvement with the Opening Day hospitality.

Humor awards followed the serious portion of the program, noting the various boo-boos, faux pas, indiscreet moments and other yachting gaffes that occurred during the year.

The top honor is called “PIG” and there were awards named “Hambone,” “Pork Chop” and “Bacon Strip,” in descending order of seriousness.

Top “PIG” honor was bestowed, by the meeting of the Olde Boar’s Committee, on Rick Dinon.

Emily Vasilion received the “Hambone,” Al Berg the “Pork Chop” and staff commodore Don Stearns the “Bacon Strip.”