The Santa Monica Big Blue Bus is now offering a day pass for passengers which can be used for multiple trips in a single day anywhere the Big Blue Bus travels.

The cost for a day pass is $2.50 for regular service, $1.25 for students, $3.50 for express service, and $1.25 for senior, disabled or Medicare passengers.

“Day passes are perfect for riders who want to go to several different locations in our service area throughout the day,” said Stephanie Negriff, Big Blue Bus director of transit services. “You can literally use the day pass to get to work, go out for lunch or run errands mid-day, see a movie or do some shopping after work, and then get back home again, all for one low fare and without having to buy multiple tickets or transfers for each ride.”

Big Blue Bus customer relations manager Dan Dawson said the day pass was something that was frequently requested by customers.

“People often asked for this type of flexible fare at community meetings,” Dawson said.

He noted that a day pass provides greater convenience and should encourage new riders to try the Big Blue Bus, which helps protect the environment and beats the rising costs of gas and parking.

Negriff added that Santa Monica attracts thousands of visitors each day and many “will find the day pass ideal for taking in as many sights as possible without the stress and hassle of renting or driving a car during the height of tourism season, when roads are congested and parking spots are difficult to find.”

Day passes can be purchased on-board any Big Blue Bus, at the agency’s Customer Service Center and various other locations, including libraries, schools and convenience outlets. Passes are sold both individually and in packs of five.

The Big Blue Bus operates more than 200 energy-efficient vehicles across a nearly 52-square-mile area. Each day, its fleet carries over 80,000 passengers to hundreds of destinations around the Los Angeles area.

Big Blue Bus Customer Service is at 1660 Seventh St. in Santa Monica and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Information, (310) 451-5444 or