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With the honeybee population in serious decline, it’s important for people to know more about the hardworking insects that pollinate one-third of America’s fruits, vegetables and nuts.

To that end, beekeepers have for the past several years celebrated National Honeybee Day to educate people about honeybees and promote efforts to keep them from extinction.

This year’s National Honeybee Day is Saturday, Aug. 16, and the nonprofit L.A. beekeeper group Honey Love is marking the occasion with a party on Venice Beach.

Chelsea McFarland, a Del Rey beekeeper and one of Honey Love’s founders, said this year’s event will be a little more “low key” than the group’s previous three celebrations, which last year included a “waggle-dance” flash mob at Third Street Promenade.

This year, McFarland said, the celebration of everyone’s favorite pollinator “will be more like a birthday party for honeybees, a celebration of bees. We expect a lot of foot traffic so we can answer people’s questions about bees.”

The event takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., with a group photo of participants at noon, near the lifeguard tower off Market Street near the Venice Skatepark. For more information, call (424) 625-8233 or visit honeylove.org.