To the Editor:

Re: “Beaches and Harbors asks community to help bring back July 4 fireworks in Marina del Rey” (Argonaut, Jan. 12):

County supervisors have over the years allegedly referred to Marina del Rey as the county’s “cash cow.” But obviously it could not be much of a cash cow if $115,000 couldn’t be found to continue such a popular event, which also brought much needed customers to businesses trying to survive in Marina del Rey.

Since lessee developers of Marina del Rey have over the years and continue to milk this “cash cow” dry, and now will be drying up what is left of the Marina with the projects coming down the line, Beaches and Harbors should ask these developers to donate whatever funds are necessary to bring back the July 4 fireworks in our Marina every year.

It’s the least the developers could do for a Marina that has been soooooo good to them.

Roslyn E. Walker

Marina del Rey