To the Editor:

Welcome to the Via Marina Raceway. All types of vehicles and motorcycles welcomed. No limits as to speed or maneuverings.

We live in a condo complex on Via Dolce and our north-facing third floor balcony allows us unobstructed views of a stretch of “Via Mania” between Tahiti and Bora Bora ways. At various hours of the day, mostly weekends, the stream of loud, racing sports cars, foreign and American-made motorcycles and other vehicles racing back and forth on Via Marina is unreal and frightening.

The drivers have no regard to the posted speed limit, 40 miles per hour, or the safety of other drivers, pedestrians or those on bicycles. There is no limit to their uncaring actions nor speed.

I am most certain some reach speeds of 80 to 90 miles per hour. Where is the sheriff? Who knows? And when the subject of traffic control is brought up, the Sheriff’s Department always defers to the California Highway Patrol. For whatever crazy reason, they are the responsible party. The only CHP officers I ever see in the area of the Marina are either at the Waterside complex enjoying coffee or sitting on their motorcycles at the corner of Washington Boulevard and Palawan Way, in the shade, waiting for drivers to run the stop sign located at the intersection.

So the madness continues and someday for sure, we will have a tragic accident and innocent people will suffer from these uncaring drivers. When oh when are the laws going to be enforced?

Al Hains, Marina del Rey

Says only thing to stop LAX north runway proposal is legal action

To the Editor:

Don’t be fooled by safety claims justifying moving the Los Angeles International Airport north runway into your backyard. There are at least a half dozen cheaper alternatives that are as effective. Also, don’t think Bill Rosendahl alone can save us — he is only one City Council person. LAX proceeding with the runway move, despite the NASA study is unbridled arrogance.

The only thing that will stop it is legal action. We need to start arming ourselves today — not tomorrow.

Jack Keady, Playa del Rey

Praises community fundraising efforts for schools

To the Editor:

This letter is twofold: Both to inform of the current efforts by a large portion of folks in Santa Monica, Malibu and the Westside and a blatant effort to advertise what is considered to be a great cause. The state has cut the budget of all school districts in California. This has resulted in a large loss to the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District and indeed, to all California schools.

Good teachers have been let go. The arts and music teachers and courses have been virtually eliminated. Class sizes have increased. Parental and student interest in a good education has not waned. Obviously, education is considered by most to be vital for our country to compete in the future world.

To do as much as possible to support good education, the community, especially the families have done much to raise funds for the school district. Much time and effort has been spent in order to support and invest in the community and the country.

Lemonade stands, swap meet and garage sale donations and sales and varying committees formed from this grassroots effort to raise the funds.

Amazingly, from this unsophisticated effort, over $850,000 already has been raised; none of it raised on the backs of the general public tax funds. Wider publicity and support of the effort will help bring future benefits to the entire community and especially our future. Thank you, community.

Phyllis and Herb Goldberg (grandparents), Marina del Rey Peninsula