Kathy Wisnicki was elected president and Oscar de la Torre was elected vice president of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District school board at its meeting Thursday, December 14th.

Wisnicki and de la Torre, who were appointed by the board, will serve one-year terms.

District recording secretary Sarah Wahrenbrock led the board meeting during the election procedure.

Board member Emily Bloomfield nominated Wisnicki as president, and de la Torre seconded the motion.

Former board member Julia Brownley served as president for the past year. Brownley did not run for reelection as school board member in the November election, as she ran and was elected as Assemblywoman of the 41st District, ending her 12-year tenure as school board member.

Brownley was recognized at the board meeting for her years of service.

Wisnicki served as vice president for the past year on the school board, and had recently been leading the board meetings while Brownley was campaigning for the Assembly seat.

New board member Barry Snell nominated de la Torre as vice president, and board member Jose Escarce seconded the motion.

CFO SEARCH — Superintendent Dianne Talarico gave an update on the search for an Interim chief financial officer/assistant superintendent of business services to replace Winston Braham, who resigned last month.

“Two interviews have been held to date,” Talarico said at the meeting, adding that the district is getting more referrals for candidates.

Paul Silvern, chair of the district’s Financial Oversight Committee, “gave up his lunch hour” to speak with the candidates, Talarico said.

Talarico said that it was important to her to have Silvern’s input on the candidates.

“Unfortunately, time is really against us, with holidays around the corner,” Talarico said of hiring an interim CFO. She said it would probably be the first of the year before one is selected.

“For permanent positions, we’re looking at firms who’ve had the best success” with finding qualified candidates, Talarico said. “There’s a couple names that have come up on our radar screen as of late.”

She said that the permanent replacement would probably start at the beginning of July.

Talarico said it would be “too fragmented if we try to pull someone [permanent] in to this process” of dealing with budget issues pertaining to the tentative agreement between the district and the teachers union, when an interim would already be working on it.