A Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) police officer was exposed to pepper spray that was used to control several minor fights that broke out among fans at a Westchester High School home football game against Palisades High School Friday night, November 3rd, school officials said.

Los Angeles School Police Department officers reported after the game — which Westchester won 27-21 — that several groups of youths had attempted to start fights at the game, according to LAUSD spokeswoman Susan Cox.

Pepper spray was used to control the “minor disturbances,” including one in which a youth allegedly attempted to fight one of the school police officers at the scene, Cox said.

The youth was not exposed to the spray and was able to get away.

But a school police officer got pepper spray in his eyes during the incident and was treated, Cox said.

No arrests were made and no major injuries were reported in the incident, she said.

School police said they are unsure of the reason for the fights or what may have motivated them.