Students at First Lutheran School of Venice got to see their principal David Rusch have his head shaved as part of a fundraising challenge for the school’s annual Fund Run/Walk-a-thon held May 16th.

Rusch committed to having his head shaved if the school was able to raise at least $10,000, but parents, students and church members have far exceeded the goal by raising over $14,000 so far.

The principal, who had never been without hair, held up his end of the bargain and got his head shaved in front of students during an assembly at the school Wednesday, May 28th. Rusch noted that even as a baby, he had a full head of hair.

During the run/walk-a-thon, students run laps around the school to raise money. The annual event provides funds for upgrading the playground surface, new music and computer equipment, the school scholarship program and enhancing the after-school enrichment classes.

“With gas prices so high and everyone feeling the many financial pinches, I felt the (First Lutheran) families needed an extra incentive to get out and do their part,” said Rusch, who has served as principal for 25 years.

First Lutheran School of Venice is a co-educational day school that enrolls students in kindergarten through eighth grades.