L.A. public schools begin classes Thurs.


Fall classes in the Los Angeles Unified School District will begin Thursday, September 9th.

The school district has implemented a districtwide full-day kindergarten program, starting with the fall school year.

In February, the Los Angeles Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution in support of full-day kindergarten with a four-year phase-in period.

Voters supported the board of education decision with the March passing of Measure R, a $3.87 billion bond that includes $100 million for full-day kindergarten.

“Research has shown that full-day kindergarten is a proven strategy that helps to prevent achievement gaps,” district officials said.

“Studies show that students who participate in full-day kindergarten programs have made gains in lower retention rates, improved attendance and achieve high reading and math scores by the third grade,” officials added.

Scholastics, Inc. has donated 150,000 instructional materials, including books, puppets, puzzles and educational games for the district’s full-day kindergarten programs.

SCHOOLS — The following schools are in The Argonaut’s coverage area:


– Beethoven Elementary School, 3371 Beethoven St., Mar Vista, (310) 398-6286; a new principal has not yet been announced.

– Braddock Drive Elementary School, 4711 Inglewood Blvd., Del Rey, (310) 391-6707; Sandra Coffey, principal. Enrollment: 650. The school has a new playground and new math and science programs.

– Broadway Elementary School, 1015 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, (310) 392-4944; Edwin Romotsky, principal. Enrollment: 325. This year, the school will share campus space with the new Animo Venice Charter High School.

– Coeur d’Alene Elementary School, 810 Coeur d’ Alene Ave., Venice, (310) 821-7813; Rex Patton, principal. Enrollment: 450. The school has met Academic Performance Index goals for the sixth year in a row.

– Cowan Elementary School, 7615 Cowan Ave., Westchester, (310) 645-1973; Richard Da Sylveira, principal.

– Grand View Elementary School, 3951 Grand View Blvd., Mar Vista, (310) 390-3618; Ruben Valles, principal.

– Kentwood Elementary School, 8401 Emerson Ave., Westchester, (310) 670-8977; Valerie Moses, principal.

– Loyola Village Elementary School, 8821 Villanova Ave., Westchester, (310) 670-0480; Melinda Goodall, principal. Enrollment: 650. Goodall is the school’s new principal, after having been a teacher at the school for 18 years.

– Mar Vista Elementary School, 3330 Granville Ave., Mar Vista, (310) 391-1175; Brenda Weinstock, principal.

– Open Charter Magnet School, 5540 W. 77th St., Westchester, (310) 568-0735; Robert Burke, principal.

– Paseo del Rey Natural Science Magnet School, 7751 Paseo del Rey, Playa del Rey, (310) 823-2356; Jennifer Theodore Sullivan, principal. Enrollment: 530. This year, the school is working on plans to place Internet access in all classrooms.

– Playa del Rey Elementary School, 12221 Juniette St., Playa del Rey, (310) 827-3560; James Downing, principal.

– Short Elementary School, 12814 Maxella Ave., Mar Vista, (310) 397-4234; Desdra Butler, principal. Enrollment: 450. The school has the highest Reading First program scores in the district.

– Stoner Elementary School, 11735 Braddock Drive, Del Rey, (310) 390-3396; Pamela Williams, principal.

– Walgrove Elementary School, 1630 Walgrove Ave., Mar Vista, (310) 391-7104; Yuri Hayashi, principal.

– Westminster Elementary School, 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, (310) 392-3041; Betty Coleman, principal. Enrollment: 400. The school has new playground equipment and plans to expand its gardening program.

– Westport Heights Elementary School, 6011 W. 79th St., Westchester, (310) 645-5611; Alicia Stevenson, principal. Enrollment: 524. The school has three new playground structures, an outside reading area and the addition of a STAR after-school program.


– Marina del Rey Middle School, 12500 Braddock Drive, Marina del Rey, (310) 822-6788; Erick Mata, principal.

– Mark Twain Middle School, 2224 Walgrove Ave., Mar Vista, (310) 397-2125; Lessie Caballero, principal. Enrollment: 1,400. Caballero hopes to set up a Web site for parents.

– Wright Middle School, 6550 W. 80th St., Westchester, (310) 670-5666; Stephen Rochelle, principal.


– Del Rey High School, 8701 Park Hill Drive, Westchester, (310) 641-3858; Randall Klarin, principal. Enrollment: 60. The school will begin a campus beautification project and add new computer and physical education courses.

– Phoenix High School, 12971 Zanja St., Mar Vista, (310) 306-8775; Michael Delbuck, principal. Enrollment 80. The school will continue its award-winning video filmmaking program.

– Venice Senior High School, 13000 Venice Blvd., Venice, (310) 306-7981; Janice Davis, principal. Enrollment: 32,000. Davis said the school has the largest population of gifted and talented students in the district.

– Westchester Senior High School, 7400 W. Manchester Ave., (310) 670-4003; Dana Perryman, principal.


– Westside Leadership Magnet School, 104 Anchorage St., Marina del Rey, (310) 821-2039; Jeffrey Felz, principal. Enrollment: 460. The kindergarten through eighth-grade school has changed its middle school class schedule from shorter classes to 90-minute classes.

– McBride Special Education Center, 3960 Centinela Ave., Mar Vista, (310) 391-0568; Tim Bays, principal. Enrollment: 220. The special education center enrolls students from pre-kindergarten to age 22.