The Los Angeles Airport Police Dignitary Protection Unit was presented a commendation from the United States Secret Service at the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners meeting August 6th.

Secret Service special agent in charge Ramon Maytorena commended the Airport Police unit’s Sgt. Fernando Franco.

Maytorena also commended Airport Police officers Dwayne Myers, Jerome Smith, William Handley and Brian Le for the unit’s “continuous diligent efforts, dedication and professionalism while acting as a major support to the secret service in protecting dignitaries traveling through LAX [Los Angeles International Airport].”

“The Dignitary Protection Unit ensures seamless protection, safety and security of dignitaries that travel to and from Los Angeles International Airport,” said James T. Butts Jr., deputy executive director of Law Enforcement and Protection Services.

The Los Angeles Airport Police Division of Los Angeles World Airports is the fourth- largest law enforcement agency in Los Angeles County, with more than 1,100 law enforcement, security and staff personnel.

Los Angeles World Airports is the city department that owns and operates four airports in Southern California, including LAX.