An alleged attempt to ignite fuel tanks and pipelines at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport captured the attention of airport officials and law enforcement personnel around the globe, including at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Representatives of the airport sought to assure the public that LAX is not in any current danger of such a plot.

“There are no current threats against any Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA) facility and all airport operations are normal,” said Belinda Nettles, public information officer for the LAX police, in a statement released shortly after three suspects were arrested in the alleged terrorist conspiracy on Saturday, June 2nd. “Los Angeles World Airports law enforcement officials are in contact with federal and international law enforcement officials, and monitoring the situation in New York.

“We have added personnel and other resources according to established procedures until we learn more about the alleged terrorist plot.”

Nettles told The Argonaut that, as part of their routine security procedures, Airport Police have random security inspection points set up around the airport. “On the day of the alleged terrorist (attempt), we had a checkpoint set up at World Way West, which leads to our fuel tank area.”

According to representatives of LAX, “Additional measures will be unnoticed by the public.”