Dredging of the Marina del Rey harbor is scheduled to begin this month when the 2,000-ton bucket dredge Paula Lee will begin removing a million cubic yards of sediment from the Marina’s main channel, making the waterway more navigable for emergency responders and recreational boaters.

The Paula Lee will be towed for three or four days along the California coast making her way to Marina del Rey after completing a dredging project in Oakland, according to a county Department of Beaches and Harbors spokeswoman.

The county Board of Supervisors approved an action Nov. 15 between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and county officials that both entities say will not only improve environmental conditions in Marina del Rey and bolster local beaches but will also help recreational boaters in the Marina’s harbor.

The project is slated to move approximately 140,000 cubic yards of clean sediment offshore to Dockweiler State Beach in Playa del Rey and up to 75,000 cubic yards will be pumped on Redondo Beach to address beach erosion.

Owned by Dutra Dredging Company of San Francisco, the dredge is 250 feet in length, with a beam of 68 feet, a 7-foot draft when operational, has a depth of 15 feet, a heliport and bucket that holds 30 cubic yards of material.