Located on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, OSEA Venice Skincare Studio offers luxury facial services in a chic and relaxing atmosphere. Images courtesy of OSEA Venice Skincare Studio

OSEA Venice Skincare Studio offers facials that harness seaweed’s nourishing powers

By Sara Edwards

After starting her skincare line OSEA in 1996, years later Jenefer Palmer opened OSEA Venice Skincare Studio, the company’s flagship spa, in 2018. Located on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in a chic and light-filled space, OSEA Venice offers various facials that incorporate the brand’s skincare products that harness the beneficial properties of seaweed.

“At the heart of OSEA is a fundamental belief in the nourishing powers of seaweed,” said Brooke Babcock, OSEA’s education manager and licensed esthetician. “We combine superfood seaweed with the best ingredients that nature has to offer to restore skin to its most youthful look and feel. Since 1996, OSEA has been clean, vegan and cruelty-free. A central tenet to our philosophy is that we’ve done it without artificial colors or dyes or questionable, synthetic ingredients.”

OSEA Venice currently offers three luxury facials: Cranial Wave, a craniosacral therapy facial that rejuvenates skin and mood while shifting the aura and replenishing energy; Deep Sea Age Defying, a firming facial that uses next-generation technologies to plump, lift and transform the skin; and Sculpt & Life Gua Sha, a sculpting facial that blends crystals with thermal and sound vibrational therapies to restore radiance.

“Our most loved treatment is the Deep Sea Age Defying Facial, otherwise known as ‘The Fountain of Youth,’” Babcock said. “It’s a powerful age-defying facial that combines holistic methods with innovative technologies to lift, firm and transform the skin. We use a potent infusion of sea minerals and botanicals paired with therapeutic cranial touch therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, high-frequency and LED light therapy, to leave the skin amazingly radiant, firm and refreshed.”

According to Babcock, OSEA facials target inflammation, clogged pores, signs of aging, dehydration, and seasonal skin changes and challenges. The average cost for an OSEA facial treatment is $160 for a 50-minute session.

Among the brand’s most popular products are the Undaria Algae Body Oil, which combines Undaria seaweed with 11 botanical oils for silky-soft skin that glows all over; and Hyaluronic Sea Serum, an award-winning serum that works to restore moisture levels using three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and three supergood seaweeds for dewy, hydrated skin.

“We recommend coming in at least once a month for maximum results, since on average, skin cells turn over about every 28 days,” Babcock said. “We make it easy for you with our studio membership program and you can book an appointment through our website.”

OSEA Venice Skincare Studio
1732 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice
(310) 985-1447