The Real Estate Consultants and Prosper Law Corporation are offering local community members a free seminar on foreclosure prevention and home loan modification at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 23rd, at the Westchester Community Center, 7166 Manchester Ave.

Admission is free but reservations are required. Refreshments will be served. For reservations, (310) 779-2080.

The seminar, ìReal Solutions for Troubled Homeowners,î is for at-risk borrowers including homeowners who are current on their payments but are in danger of defaulting. Aid is available for those facing foreclosure or the threat of foreclosure and those whose property values have sunk below the amount owed on their mortgage.

ìWith the number of mortgage defaults and foreclosures rising, homeowners need to be informed about changing guidelines for loan modifications, short sales and the options available to those caught in the housing market crisis,î said Phil Gilboy, owner of The Real Estate Consultants, a Westchester-based real estate brokerage.

ìWeíre pleased to be able to present information that can help people find solutions to the mortgage predicament theyíre facing,î said Gilboy.

Various options will be explained by foreclosure avoidance specialists at The Real Estate Consultants and Prosper Law Corp., which specializes in debt negotiations, workouts, restructuring and debtor defense.

Presentations will focus on loan modifications and short sales including eligibility requirements and negotiating with lenders.

ìWhen the individual borrower is armed with the information and motivation needed to mitigate a bad mortgage situation, the whole community benefits,î said Gordon Dickson, managing partner of Prosper Law Corp.