Proposed coastal rail

would link Marina area to countywide network


With one transfer and for about $3, it may be possible one day for Marina-airport residents to board their local air-conditioned light-rail car and arrive in downtown Los Angeles in 45 minutes.

Assuming county planners and builders meet their deadlines and the local route gets a county green light, that day could come sometime in 1993.

Westchester residents raised some concerns about traffic congestion and noise resulting from the building and operation of the light-rail system at an informal meeting Monday afternoon, September 19th, in Westchester.

The light-rail will definitely produce some noise, according to county officials, but they don’t think it will significantly impact residents. County transportation official Benjamin Darche pointed out that a similar light-rail system in Portland was encountering safety problems because the light-rail didn’t make enough noise.

County officials conceded construction of an underground portion of the line, which would require the closing