Westchester barbershop owner, Dan Filich — known by many in Westchester as “Danny the Barber” — died Sunday, October 17th.

Filich had been battling skin cancer. He was 75.

Filich was born in Gailsburg, Illinois and enlisted in the Navy when he was 21. He learned to cut hair in the barbershop aboard an aircraft carrier.

After being released from the Navy in 1954, Filich decided to move to California, where he attended barber school in downtown Los Angeles.

He began cutting hair in West Los Angeles and Westchester after completing barber school.

In 1960 Filich opened Danny’s barbershop at 6233 W. 87th St. in Westchester, where the shop continues to operate.

Filich was a member of the Westchester Knights of Columbus, where he helped organize the Men’s Gold Association.

He served on the board of the Westchester Parking Association and is said to have been instrumental in bringing the Farmers Market to West 87th Street in 1993.

“Danny was very active in the community,” said barbershop client Curt Curtiss. “He always had something going on. When you would get your haircut, you’d also get an earful of what was happening in the neighborhood.

“He was a very friendly man.”

Memorial services were held Thursday, October 21st, at Church of the Visitation in Westchester.