Sheriff’s Lt. Greg Nelson of the Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station told County Small Craft Harbor commissioners last week that several individuals had been apprehended while allegedly “casing” cars in the Marina, and had been driving vehicles stolen from other areas.

Nelson also discussed a violation issued to the U.S. Coast Guard by the office of the Los Angeles city attorney environmental division for work allegedly performed illegally at a dock.

Nelson said the U.S. Coast Guard is a “good neighbor” and even though the city doesn’t have jurisdiction over a federal entity, the U.S. Coast Guard will adhere to the rules of the Marina.

A Marina boat owner had alleged that the U.S. Coast Guard was improperly working on a Coast Guard vessel, allowing debris to enter the water.

Nelson told the commissioners that other allegations from the same boat owner regarding claims that illegal work had been done at a dock on a party cruise yacht showed no sign of water debris, and that the site was clean at the time of inspection by the Sheriff’s Department.