The City of Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners approved this month an airport shuttle bus trip fee increase at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) that will take effect Wednesday, March 1st.

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) — the city agency that owns and manages LAX and three smaller airports — charges a fee each time a hotel shuttle, parking lot shuttle, and other commercial vehicles makes a trip around LAX terminals.

The fee varies, depending on types of vehicle uses and vehicle size.

The trip fee, which had been 32 cents since 1988 for small hotel and parking lot shuttle buses, will be increased to 80 cents in March and to $1.60 next year.

Larger hotel and parking lot shuttle buses had been charged 48 cents per trip and will be charged up to $2.45 by next year.

Shuttle buses are considered small if they carry 25 or fewer passengers. Larger shuttles carry more than 25 passengers.

LAWA officials told the Board of Airport Commissioners in a staff report Monday, February 6th, that annual revenues from the trip fee increase are estimated to reach $2.5 million.

LAWA officials wrote that they wanted a trip fee increase in an effort to reduce traffic congestion and the number of commercial vehicles circling around LAX terminals.

SHUTTLE CONSOLIDATION — At meetings in March or April, the Board of Airport Commissioners will consider an agreement between a private shuttle bus operator and 11 major hotels near LAX to consolidate hotel shuttle bus operations.

The hotels and Destination Shuttle Services, LLC are working on a proposal with LAWA approval that would eliminate individual hotel shuttle buses for hotels that sign the agreement.

A consolidated shuttle bus operation by Destination would carry hotel guests between LAX and multiple hotels.

LAWA officials believe that hotels would save money by not having to pay the newly increased trip fees.

The proposal would also help LAWA meet its goal of reducing traffic and vehicles at LAX terminals.