Local CBD cookie dough brand offers a new way to indulge in self-care

By Kamala Kirk

In 2020, sisters Maddy and Sammy Davidoff launched C.B. Dough, a line of CBD-infused cookie dough. Courtesy of C.B. Dough

Marina del Rey resident Sammy Davidoff always wanted to start a business with her sister, Maddy, who is a chef. Early last year, the two began to brainstorm ideas for potential food products they could create.

As a result, C.B. Dough was born – a line of CBD-infused cookie dough that combines artisan-produced, culinary-inspired baked goods and the calming effects of CBD to deliver a new way to indulge in self-care.

“I had experience in social media and marketing, and was living in California where the CBD craze was on the rise,”

Sammy said. “We explored a variety of different ideas and eventually landed on ready-to-bake CBD cookie dough because it not only hadn’t been done before, but it also allowed us to combine our talents and experience to create a product that could help people feel good in every way.”

C.B. Dough is available in three varieties: the OG (chocolate chip); the Reverse, which features a chocolate cookie dough base with white chocolate chips; and the vegan, made with old-fashioned rolled oats, almond flour and almond paste. The OG is the most popular, delivering on the nostalgia of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with the added benefits of CBD.

“When it comes to ingredients, quality is our north star,” Sammy said. “Every ingredient in C.B. Dough products is hand curated for superior quality and this commitment to quality is evident in every bite of our cookies. For example, unlike sugar processed with bone char, which is typical in large batch commercial baked goods, we use only pure cane sugar. We also make our own vanilla using real Kentucky bourbon and quality Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans. Our vanilla is aged anywhere from two to 18 months to ensure a smooth, consistent flavor. Finally, you will only find butter with pure cream in our products, never added or artificial butter flavors.”

Most ingredients are sourced from small, family-owned businesses and each cookie contains 15 mg of CBD, a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant that affects the endocannabinoid system, which is made up of receptors that work within the central nervous system. Benefits can range from relaxation and improved sleep to decreased anxiety and pain relief.

“When we started C.B. Dough, our plan was to focus on getting our products into retail locations both big and small,” Sammy said. “However, we quickly had to reevaluate our business model once stay-at-home orders hit, which was shortly after we launched. We made the decision to focus on online sales, at least during the pandemic knowing more people were shopping online.”

In addition to shifting to a direct-to-consumer model, another powerful tool for C.B. Dough has been influencer marketing, which has helped drive online awareness and sales.

“We also took a step back at the start of the pandemic to try and evaluate whether it could actually provide opportunities we hadn’t considered previously, and we found it did,” Sammy said. “We realized that the calm and relaxation our cookies provide, thanks to CBD, are two things in high demand during the stress of COVID-19.

“Plus, they’re delivered with a no-contact model and you bake them in the safety of your own home. Once Maddy and I recognized where our products fit in the current cultural landscape, we were able to help our consumers better figure out where our products fit in their lives.”

The brand is also focused on sustainability and all products are created with the environment in mind from organic, sustainable ingredients to reusable jar packaging. C.B. Dough is obtaining organic certification and expects to be fully certified this year.

In addition to focusing on more retailer partnerships, C.B. Dough is exploring new product offerings, including a ready-to-eat cookie. Davidoff said that earlier this year, they also donated a percentage of sales to first responders and are planning to do several more donation-focused sales.

“We are big believers in the power of giving back and this is an important part of how we do business,” Sammy said. “We feel incredibly fortunate that through a mix of hard work and some luck, we’ve been able to not only weather the storm, but thrive during our first year in business.”