Two members of the Santa Monica College Personnel Commission are seeking public input on their nomination of commission member Dolores Press to succeed herself on the three-member commission when her three-year term expires Wednesday, December 1st.

Under state law, the two continuing commissioners are responsible for appointing the third commissioner when a vacancy occurs.

Press was nominated by Karen Bancroft, who was appointed by the exclusive representative of the classified employees, and Joseph Metoyer, who was appointed by the college.

A commission meeting at noon, November 17th, in Room 111, College Business Building, 1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, will include public opportunities to comment on the Press nomination.

The commission is responsible for administering the college’s Merit System, a civil service system for classified (non-teaching) employees.

Commission appointees are required to be registered voters and residents of the Santa Monica Community College District, which includes Santa Monica and Malibu.

Appointees are also required to support the concept of employment, continuance in employment, in-service promotional opportunities and other related matters on the basis of merit and fitness.

Information, (310) 434-4416.