Santa Monica College study abroad programs in 2005 are planned for Europe, Australia, the Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica and Tahiti.

Study abroad programs are offered year-round. Winter tours beginning in January include:

– Australia, Friday, January 7th, to Friday, January 30th;

– Spain, Sunday, January 11th, to Monday, February 2nd;

– Galapagos Islands, Friday, January 21st, to Sunday, January 30th.

There will be a spring biology field trip to Costa Rica from Saturday, April 9th, to Saturday, April 16th.

Summer tours include:

– Norway, Saturday, June 25th, to Friday, July 23rd; including broadcast and journalism study based at Danvik Media School near Oslo and excursions throughout the country;

– Austria, France and Italy. Cities include Vienna, Nice, Venice and Rome;

– Tahiti, including natural history and marine biology of the South Pacific island; and

– Belize, including archaeological excavations of ancient Mayan sites.

Public information meetings on each program will be held during the school year.

Information, (310) 434-4159.