Santa Monica College (SMC) will hold a public scoping meeting concerning the college’s Bundy Campus project and to solicit public comments on potential environmental impacts that might occur as a result of the project.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, October 17th, in the SMC Bundy Campus Community Room, 3171 S. Bundy Drive, Mar Vista.

SMC officials have determined that an environmental impact report is required for the Bundy Campus Master Plan, which the college is currently in the process of developing.

Near Santa Monica Airport, the Bundy Campus is a 10.4-acre satellite campus that the college purchased from BAE Systems in 2001 for $30 million.

The campus houses SMC’s nursing and teacher training programs, Community and Continuing Education, and several general education classes.

SMC spent more than $1 million last year to improve the campus aesthetically and to shield adjacent residents from noise.

Utilities were put underground, a sound wall was built, landscaping was planted on the south and west sides of the property, a 100,000-square-foot manufacturing building was demolished, and a driveway from Bundy Drive was added.

A 64,000-square-foot building was renovated and opened in July.

The college also closed to traffic the rear entrance of the campus on Stewart Avenue, which goes through a residential area.

The college has held meetings with college departments, community members, and neighbors in the past year to seek input and listen to concerns.

The proposed master plan is a result of that input.

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