Forty-five Santa Monica High School orchestra students were selected for seats on the California Orchestra Directors Association Honor String Orchestra and Honor Symphony.

They performed in Visalia Friday and Saturday, December 3rd and 4th.

The students, led by Joni Swenson, director of the high school orchestra program, were among hundreds of California high school students who auditioned for the two honor orchestras.

Chosen for the Honor String Orchestra were Patrick Deasy, David Farzam, Jennifer Farzam, Jarrett Furst, Lizzy Glennon, Mayura Jain, David Jang,

Anthony Lai, Vincent Lai, Jonathan Lee, Michelle Matsunaga, Alan Miller, Jesse Nabel, Nicole Negrete, Skylar O’Connor, Marika Page,

Giancarlo Ranaudo, Amaro Taylor-Weiner, Wyles Vance, Adrian Weishofer, Ellcry Weiss and Pegah Yazdy.

Chosen for the Honor Symphony were Ben Bartelt, Rebecca Bartelt, Sarah Boyle, Julianne Bruce, Joey Corral, Calvin Dacosta, Sarah Elbaum, Kerri Epps, Lauren Foust,

Joanna Kaplan, Gloria Lim, Ryan Lin, Nicole Liner-Jigamian, David Litwak, Anna Nabel, April Paik, Mai Anh Perches, Andres Pichardo-Rosenthal, Kevin Poindexter, Devon Pratt,

Henry Samuels, Carl Schoellhammer, Jules Sulpico, Ilana Summers, Zach Van Pelt and Matt Vincent.

After a live audition, chosen as symphony section leaders were concertmaster April Paik, second principal violin Lauren Foust, first violin Ryan Lin and principal bass Henry Samuels. They received $200 scholarships to summer music camps.

In other recognition, Santa Monica High School orchestra students were also honored at the national level.

Joey Corral and Devon Pratt were selected for the National Honor Orchestra and will perform in January at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Corral, David Litwak, Peony Pak, Henry Samuels and Zach Van Pelt were selected for the National High School Honor Orchestra and will perform in February in Reno, Nevada.

The Santa Monica High School orchestra program is in the process of forming an alumni organization.

Graduates who played in the orchestra received free admission to the high school Winter Concert Tuesday, December 14th.

Alumni information, (310) 458-6430.