A suspect in a homicide case in San Diego who was featured several times on the television show America’s Most Wanted has been arrested by Santa Monica police.

Marc Damon Grossi, 42, who was wanted for the death of a truck driver in San Diego, was arrested by Santa Monica police at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, June 19th, in the 2900 block of Main Street. Grossi was arrested for providing false information to a peace officer.

Police responded after a witness called police regarding a man allegedly engaging in lewd activity in a parked vehicle, Santa Monica Lt. Alex Padilla said.

When officers arrived, they saw the man seated inside a maroon Volkswagen.

Officers approached the man and asked for his identification, but the man allegedly gave police a color copy of a California identification card which did not match his physical description, Padilla said.

The man was arrested and taken to Santa Monica Jail, where he was fingerprinted.

The man’s fingerprints identified him as Grossi, who had an outstanding felony warrant charging him with murder.

According to the America’s Most Wanted Web site, Grossi has been wanted by police in San Diego for his alleged connection to a road rage incident October 13th, in which a truck driver was killed.

Officials allege that Grossi was traveling south on the Santa Ana Freeway (I-5) in San Diego at the same time as Jorge Negrete, a 47-year-old long-distance truck driver, who was also traveling south on the same freeway, according to the Web site.

Police allege that at some point, one of the men cut off the other on the freeway, igniting a fit of anger that escalated into a serious argument, according to the America’s Most Wanted report.

Both men suddenly pulled off onto the shoulder, with Negrete pulling over in his big rig truck and Grossi stopping behind Negrete’s truck, according to the America’s Most Wanted report.

Police say that Negrete’s size — more than 300 pounds — may have intimidated Grossi, because witnesses said Grossi returned to his vehicle as Negrete continued to approach, it is alleged.

The enraged Grossi allegedly put his pickup truck in reverse, slowly backed up a distance and then stepped on the gas, slamming into Negrete with an impact that sent Negrete into the air. Grossi allegedly then sped off, according to the television show Web site.

Negrete died on the way to the hospital.

Santa Monica police booked Grossi, who is being held without bail on a fugitive warrant.