Small Craft Harbor Commission members voted unanimously at their meeting Thursday, October 11th, to send a letter to the California Coastal Commission requesting that the coastal commission January hearing be held in Marina del Rey, allowing more residents to attend and provide comment on the much-delayed Marina del Rey Local Coastal Program (LCP).

A friendly amendment to the vote recommended that the Marina del Rey LCP not be postponed again.

The Marina del Rey LCP was originally scheduled to be heard in October, but was again postponed, according to California Coastal Commission member Al Padilla, because of a lack of agreement between the coastal commission and the County of Los Angeles on environmentally sensitive habitat areas for the herons nesting in certain areas of Marina del Rey.

MARINA SHERIFF’S STATION — County Sheriff’s Lt. Rod Kusch told the Small Craft Harbor Commission that one of two significant crimes in the Marina area included a large amount of mail being stolen on Via Marina by a perpetrator who had a passkey belonging to the U.S. Postal Service, using it to access mailboxes and stealing mail for identity theft crimes. Kusch is harbormaster and head of operations for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Marina del Rey Station.

Kusch asked that anyone having information about the crime contact Detective Martinez at the Marina Sheriff’s Station, (310) 482-6000.

The second crime involved the arrest by the Los Angeles Police Department of an individual allegedly breaking into cars to steal third-row seats. Property has been recovered and questions can be directed to Detective Doke of the Marina Sheriff’s Station at (310) 482-6000.

Kusch told the audience that the thefts of electronic items such as cell phones, laptops and GPS (Global Positioning System) devices in subterranean garages are crimes of opportunity, and that vehicle owners need to remove these items when the vehicles are parked to avoid such thefts.

TEMPORARY DECREASE IN LIVEABOARDS — A significant decrease in current liveaboards in the Marina has occurred with the onset of expired leases following enforcement of liveaboard permits, Sheriff’s Deputy John Rochford reported to the Small Craft Harbor Commission.

Rochford said the decrease is expected to be temporary, as liveaboards will reapply for their permits, and Small Craft Harbor Commission chair Harley Searcy said liveaboards should be strongly encouraged to reapply.

RENTAL AMOUNTS AT CAPRI APARTMENTS —Jun Yang, a representative of People Organized for Westside Renewal (P.O.W.E.R.) told commissioners that affordable housing residents at Capri Apartments in Marina del Rey were supposed to have received leases with the correct rental amounts from lessee Goldrich & Kest, and that rental amounts are still incorrect.

Goldrich & Kest had been overcharging affordable housing tenants for 19 months, alleging that a misunderstanding about federal versus state guidelines regarding the Mello Act caused the delay.

Yang said that refund checks for the 19 months of overcharging by Goldrich & Kest had been received.

Los Angeles County Counsel Tom Faughnan said he had responded to a letter from Legal Aid on behalf of these tenants, and that he had raised the issue with the lessee and understood that all issues had been resolved.

Yang said that all of the senior tenants want a year-long lease as well, and he alleged that discrimination against these tenants was obvious.

MARINA DEL REY TRAFFIC MITIGATION — Los Angeles traffic consultant Barry Kurtz issued the quarterly report about traffic mitigation measures in Marina del Rey, noting that on Lincoln Boulevard from Bali Way to LMU Drive:

ï at the Culver Boulevard bridge, Lincoln Boulevard will be two lanes southbound and three lanes northbound;

ï south of Jefferson Boulevard, Lincoln Boulevard will be four lanes in each direction, except south of Bluff Creek Drive;

ï Lincoln Boulevard will be reduced to three lanes in the southbound direction from south of Bluff Creek Drive and it will remain three lanes through the intersection of LMU Drive (Caltrans mid 2008 completion);

ï Lincoln Boulevard from La Tijera Boulevard to LMU Drive will have a fourth northbound lane added (Caltrans mid 2008 completion);

ï Lincoln Boulevard/Bluff Creek Drive will have intersection construction with a signal concurrent with Caltrans work on Lincoln Boulevard (City of Los Angeles mid-2008 completion); and

ï Lincoln Boulevard/Culver Boulevard loop ramp will have the traffic signal turned on to allow traffic from Culver Boulevard to turn north onto Lincoln Boulevard under traffic signal control, with signal construction concurrent with Caltrans work on Lincoln Boulevard (Caltrans mid-2008 completion).

He also said that the San Diego (I-405) Freeway high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes will be constructed, with 3.6 miles of HOV lanes northbound and southbound on I-405, including sound walls for noise mitigation (Caltrans 2009 completion).


Concerning proposed improvements, Kurtz noted various projected EIR/EIS (environmental impact report/statement) completion dates:

ï EIR/EIS to consider the SR-90 connector road to Admiralty Way at grade (Los Angeles County Draft EIR/EIS is expected to be completed in February 2008, and final EIR/EIS fall 2008);

ï Admiralty Way Improvement Project EIR/EIS to consider either five-lane alternative within existing right-of-way or five/six-lane alternative and the intersection widening alternatives (Los Angeles County draft EIR/EIS February 2008, and final EIR/EIS fall 2008);

ï Admiralty Way/Via Marina Intersection Realignment Project considers the realignment of Admiralty Way to form a continuous loop road with Via Marina (Los Angeles County draft EIR/EIS February 2008, and final EIR/EIS fall 2008);

ï Admiralty Way/Palawan Way Intersection Improvement Project to re-stripe the northbound Palawan Way to provide a separate right-turn lane to Admiralty Way and re-stripe southbound on Palawan Way to provide a second left-turn lane (Los Angeles County 2008);

ï Palawan Way/Washington Boulevard Intersection Improvement Project to reconstruct Palawan Way at Washington Boulevard to allow full access, and install a traffic signal at the intersection providing dual left-turn lanes instead of the existing right-turn only lane (Los Angeles County 2008);

ï Fiji Way Bike Lane Project to widen the south side of Fiji Way by two feet to allow the installation of bike lanes along both sides of Fiji Way (this project would not preclude a future off-road path through Area A (Los Angeles County 2011).