At its May 14th meeting the Los Angeles County Small Craft Harbor Commission recommended approval of an amendment to The Boatyard lease for arbitrated and negotiated rental rates that became effective in February 2002, but for which documentation had never been signed for the record. The meeting took place in the Burton Chace Park Community Building, 13650 Mindanao Way in Marina del Rey.

One member of the public asked about any performance issues or violations that The Boatyard lessee may have incurred prior to the official approval of the lease, recommending that all lessees should be held to those review standards when renegotiating a lease.

In other business, Santos Kreimann, acting director of Los Angeles Department of Beaches and Harbors, noted that as of March 25th, Los Angeles County is the new owner of Anchorage 47, which is occupied by the Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club, located adjacent to Burton Chace Park.

SLIP RATE INCREASES —Kreimann also announced that boat slip rental rates and liveaboard charges will be increased. An increase of slip rental rates and liveaboard charges will be within the fair market rate, since these slips are now at the bottom part of the boat slip pricing range, he said.

He said that various slip rental rates in the Marina had been analyzed on a per-lineal-foot price for each 25-foot slip — excluding the new development, Esprit I, which has not yet opened, and the Del Rey Yacht Club.

A “weighted average” was determined to be most fair to boaters renting slips, with a price of $12.34 per lineal foot, said Kreimann.

The weighted average is an average in which each element to be considered in determining rates is assigned a “weight.” These weights reflect the relative importance of each element to the average.

The increase in slip fees will be spread out over a three-year period because “it would be egregious” to charge that increase in a one-year period, Kreimann said.

A given number of 25-foot slips in Marina del Rey would be counted, and then the 25-foot slips in the remainder of Marina del Rey would be counted, generally with five of 100 slips being 25 feet in length. The numbers would then be applied to the existing slip rate, which is the most equitable thing to do, said Kreimann.

During public comment on the issue, boater Jon Nahhas said assessments should be made on the value of a location and the number of amenities offered at various marinas, not just the fact that docks are offered.

Consumers look at a basin because boats are easier to get in and out of the slips and the harbor and they consider age, proximity, neighborhood, pools, showers and other amenities available at various marinas, said Nahhas, adding that dock owners charge more for an end tie and less for a sea wall.

Nahhas said everything must be value-driven, and that a rating for each lessee was also necessary — certain lessees are “number one performers” and others have a significant number of deficiencies, including overcharging and some undercharging for slips — and he suggested that the type of ratings used for restaurants (such as the A to F ratings used by the County Department of Health Services) should be utilized for lessees’ properties.

DOUG RING AND GOLDRICH & KEST QUESTIONS — A question raised at last month’s Small Craft Harbor Commission meeting regarding possible breach of contract by lessee Doug Ring at Bar Harbor was again mentioned, with several speakers saying Ring was in default of his lease regarding scheduled performance issues.

“There is no breach now but we are in discussion with Ring, and he intends on going forward with his [Bar Harbor] project,” said county counsel Tom Faughnan.

Small Craft Harbor Commission chair Russ Lesser said that Ring was “not technically in breach but could be next time,” and asked Kreimann to put together a status report after meeting with Ring for the commission’s next meeting.

Helen Garrett, a Marina resident and member of P.O.W.E.R. (People Organized for Westside Renewal), said she and other tenants in affordable housing at Capri Apartments (Goldrich & Kest are the lessees) still don’t have a lease and are very upset.

Goldrich & Kest had been discussing the affordable housing component with the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission (CDC) — this subject had been raised at several previous meetings — regarding various issues, one of which was the CDC’s concern about monitoring the legal ramifications of affordable housing at the Capri Apartments.

Garrett said she and other tenants want those leases signed and sent out to tenants immediately because she is concerned that if Proposition 98 passes in the June 3rd election, it would take away the rights of residents in affordable housing and vacate the Mello Act.

Kreimann told Garrett that discussions between Goldrich & Kest and the Community Development Commission had been completed, and that a credit letter had gone out to these tenants.

“I give you my word that you will get your lease,” Kreimann told Garrett.

MARINA CRIME — Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station Detective Sgt. Tony Gonzalez said the Bike Enforcement Team will begin patrolling this month to monitor increased criminal activities expected to occur this summer.

“Crimes of opportunity” such as those involving theft of valuable items left in open view in vehicles, especially in underground parking garages, have gone up slightly, as well as bicycle thefts, Gonzalez said.

WATERSIDE PARKING —— One local resident said he wants stop signs put in at all intersections in the parking lot at the Waterside at Marina del Rey shopping center (at Fiji and Admiralty Ways) and asked if the Marina Sheriff’s Station could be instrumental in putting a plan into effect to accomplish this.

He claimed the parking spaces at Waterside are much too narrow, there is room for cars moving in only one direction, and vehicles pull out of the parking spaces with little room behind them while other vehicles are speeding past them.

MEETING MINUTES — Other general public comments included frustration about the minutes of the Small Craft Harbor Commission meetings not including enough detail.

Lesser said the minutes are not intended to be verbatim, but more of a snapshot of what transpired at the meeting.

One of the public speakers said he noticed that the developers’ comments were recorded more closely than those of the public and asked for at least equal coverage to convey the intent and ideas of public speakers to those who read the minutes. Lesser responded that he thought this was a fair observation.

COMMISSIONER ABSENCES — The continued absences of some Small Craft Harbor Commission members was mentioned by Lesser and he said that members can’t continue to be excused and miss a number of meetings.