Due to the lack of a quorum at the Los Angeles County Small Craft Harbor Commission meeting Wednesday, June 10th, no votes could be taken on project recommendations, but a proposed project for the Del Rey Fuel Dock was moved forward to the county Board of Supervisors for a vote due to time-sensitive issues.

Small Craft Harbor Commission chair Russ Lesser said the lack of a quorum was because of commission members Al Landini and Vanessa Delgado having excused absences, Dennis Alfieri arriving later in the meeting, and commission member Albert DeBlanc, Jr., who is an attorney, having another unexcused absence.

In public comment, local boater Jon Nahhas said he has contacted the office of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, who represents the Second District, to request a replacement for DeBlanc, Jr. Nahhas claimed there were too many cancelled meetings due to the lack of a quorum and it was unfair to the public.

Each Small Craft Harbor Commission member is appointed by a county supervisor for his/her particular district.

Lesser said two projects — the Marina del Rey Boat Slip Sizing Study/Slip Pricing and Vacancy Study, and the Fuel Dock — would not be heard since a vote couldn’t be taken.

Santos Kreimann, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors, said that it’s imperative that the Fuel Dock project move forward to the Board of Supervisors because “time is running out.”

Kreimann said that the lessee of the Parcel 1 project, Greg Schem, has commitments that he has to abide by, and the project needed to be moved forward. He invited comment from the public.

Nahhas asked if this meant that the Small Craft Harbor Commission wouldn’t be providing input, and Lesser replied, “apparently not.”

Schem said he needs to order material for the docks, and has a six-month lead-time. The fact that he has no approval yet from the Board of Supervisors at this time is a “risk” and he needs to make a commitment, Schem added.

Lesser questioned if the cost of 15 cents per gallon of gas from the fuel dock project to the county was an appropriate amount, and Kreimann said the cost is negotiable after ten years and it will be reviewed based on a market value of the price of gas per gallon.

Nahhas asked why the cost of gas in the Marina was higher than in San Pedro or other marinas.

Schem said that the particular dealer in San Pedro is a high-volume dealer who charges less due to that fact, and doesn’t accommodate the smaller boater.

Schem said he had a pie chart of comparable prices in other marinas that showed his fuel prices would be competitive, and he invited the public to contact him to review the information.

“This is the only fuel dock in the Marina, and as gas goes up, the county will benefit,” said Kreimann.

“It’s very important to boaters that this dock is renovated, and Schem has had additional costs for construction without financing at this time, and he’s been very creative moving forward,” said Kreimann.

Lesser and Alfieri both expressed their support of the project.


The proposed Del Rey Fuel Dock project is at the east terminus of Bora Bora Way. The project would consist of a floating concrete dock system — as opposed to a floating modular system — a design considered necessary as there is a need to enclose the large amount of piping necessary for the fuel delivery, electrical, plumbing, oil change and fire suppression systems.

All existing docks and existing landside improvements, except for the underground fuel storage tanks and some landscaping, would be removed.

The development would include new docks, a new fuel delivery system, pump-out stations, bait pens, a catch weigh station, a waterside retail kiosk, water taxi landing, landside marine and commercial real estate, new hardscape (non-plant elements) and landscape.

The waterside portion of the proposed project would entail the complete replacement of all docks with new docks made of concrete capable of mooring 1,087 lineal feet of boats, ranging from small dinghies to yachts 200 feet in length.

An existing single-story, 450-square-foot office structure built on piles over the water and the existing 200-square-foot sales office currently located on the main fuel dock would be removed, and a new 1,900-square-foot retail and sales kiosk would be located on the outer dock to replace these.

In other business, the county Department of Beaches and Harbors is holding an open community forum from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, June 30th at the Burton Chace Park community room at 13650 Mindanao Way, in Marina del Rey, to discuss new programs and activities for the department’s recreational facilities and what types of programs the public wants.

Planned recreational programs for the new Dockweiler Youth Center will also be discussed.

Information, (310) 678-8743 or (310) 628-2135.