The County Small Craft Harbor Commission voted unanimously Wednesday, August 10th, to recommend that Los Angeles County supervisors amend and restate a county lease merging the Waterside Marina Shopping Center with a small adjacent parcel.

The shopping center — which is currently being refurbished — is bounded by Admiralty Way, Lincoln Boulevard and Mindanao and Fiji Ways in the Marina. The tiny parcel that would be merged into the shopping center is at the corner of Admiralty and Fiji Ways and has been used for temporary bus parking and other parking.

Lessee Caruso Affiliates is currently spending a minimum of $8.865 million to remodel the shopping center into 130,353 square feet, according County Beaches and Harbors staff.

The parcel to be merged with the Waterside Marina Shopping Center “would provide additional parking spaces for the shopping center to enable expanded restaurant seating in connection with the complete renovation and expansion of the shopping center,” according to Beaches and Harbors Department documentation.

Caruso Affiliates would be responsible for “developing the premises with 30 new parking spaces, new landscaping elements, a new eight-foot-wide sidewalk and to accommodate a monument sign identifying Marina del Rey if the county elects to construct such a sign in the future,” according to Beaches and Harbors Department staff.

TRIZEC TOWERS PARKING — The Small Craft Harbor Commission also recommended a lease amendment to extend the county’s right to utilize parking in the Trizec Hahn Towers office structure for public purposes.

The lease extension agreement for premises at 4640 Admiralty Way would extend the county’s right to enter into a separate agreement with the lessee, Marina Airport Building, LTD., for the operation and use of a minimum of 250 to a maximum of 860 parking spaces, under specified conditions, in the parking structure on the leasehold premises.

ACTION DELAYED — The commission delayed taking action on a proposed new contract for parking lot management services at county-operated public beaches and Marina del Rey due to lack of documentation.