Santa Monica College (SMC) associate professor Martin Goldstein has been honored as Part-time Faculty Member of the Year by the statewide Faculty Association of California Community Colleges.

A Culver City resident, Goldstein has been teaching screenwriting and communications at SMC since 1999 and has served the SMC community as editor of the Faculty Association Bulletin and the SMC Faculty Association Hourly Advocate.

Goldstein, who is currently the SMC Faculty Association’s political director and an officer of the association’s political action committee, has also served the association as a member of the negotiating team.

Goldstein serves as vice president of the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges political action committee and is a frequent contributor to the association’s Journal. He has also served on the executive board of the California Part-time Faculty Association as both director of communications and public relations and as legislative analyst.

Martin, who has advocated for part-time rights and equity, said, “I will continue to work for part-time regularization both here at SMC, and in Sacramento.”

The association professor earned his B.A. degree from Columbia University and his master’s in sociology from Harvard University.