With Santa Monica College and the cities of Santa Monica and Malibu facing a shortage of parks, physical education and recreational facilities, the college is considering a proposal for a $175 million bond measure to build those facilities.

The bond measure would fund a wide range of local projects and use “cooperative partnerships,” which are formal agreements similar to the agreement between the college and the City of Santa for the Monica Swim Center, used by both the college and the city.

If the college board of trustees approves the proposal, $100 million of the $175 million would be used for partnership projects with Santa Monica, Malibu and the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.

The bond measure would require 55 percent approval by voters in the college district, which encompasses Santa Monica and Malibu.

For the average homeowner, the cost of the bond would be $6.40 per month. For the average renter, the cost would be $1.12 per month, college officials say.

The college board of trustees is tentatively scheduled to vote in July on whether to put the bond on the ballot in the election scheduled for Tuesday, November 2nd.

The bond proposal is the result of a yearlong board-ordered study of the college’s facilities and an effort to identify partnership opportunities in areas of physical education, recreation, culture, social welfare and transportation.

Santa Monica College president Piedad Robertson presented a staff report on the study to the board of trustees at its meeting Monday, June 7th.

The staff report is available online at www.smc.edu