Santa Monica College Dean of Institutional Development Carol Hamilton has been appointed by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to the United States National Commission for UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization).

UNESCO was founded in 1945 to eradicate poverty, sustain development, and promote an intercultural dialogue of peace between civilizations, cultures and peoples based upon respect for commonly shared values.

The U.S. National Commission for UNESCO is a federal advisory committee to the U.S. Department of State that supports worldwide humanitarian development and values by coordinating efforts and delivering expert advice from federal, state, and local governments and from non-government organizations on the issues of education, science, communications and culture.

Commissioners contribute their expertise and experience to advise how the U.S. might improve engagement in UNESCO’s mission to eradicate poverty and promote sustainable development and an intercultural dialogue of peace.

As dean of institutional development, Hamilton has built strategic alliances and relationships at the federal, state, and local levels with governmental entities, private industry and major donors to support existing and new college programs, SMC officials said. She works with SMC staff to enhance the college’s focus in global studies, cyber security, study abroad in China and the Big Blue Bus “Any Line Any Time” program.

“I am very pleased that Carol Hamilton has been appointed to the commission,” said Eric Woodard, executive director of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO. “Her expertise not only in education but also in international freedom of expression will greatly benefit the commission’s work to strengthen our engagement with UNESCO on a range of issues that are vital to both the United States and so many around the world.”

Prior to her time at SMC, Hamilton was the director of development at the School of Film and Television at Loyola Marymount University in Westchester.

As a former litigator, she served on the legal team representing former Vice President Albert Gore in the legal dispute following the 2000 presidential election.

Hamilton also serves on President Barack Obama’s National Finance Committee. During the 2008 presidential campaign, she served as a trustee for the Obama Presidential Inaugural Committee and as a member of the Obama-Biden National Finance Committee.