A lockdown of Santa Monica College prompted by a reported shooting on campus late Tuesday morning, Aug. 16 was lifted after police determined that the noise heard was from construction work.

SMC spokesman Bruce Smith said a lockdown on the college’s main campus was immediately ordered and a multi-law enforcement agency sweep of the campus was conducted after police received a call of a reported shooting.

The mother of an SMC student had called the Riverside Sheriff’s Department at about 11 a.m. saying that her daughter had apparently heard shots on campus. A call from the Riverside Sheriff’s was also received by the Santa Monica Police Department and a third call, from an unknown person, was also received, Smith said.

During the lockdown, the SMC Police Department was assisted by Santa Monica police, the Los Angeles Police Department Air Support, Santa Monica Fire Department, and emergency rescue teams in a sweep of the campus.

After a thorough search, no evidence of a shooting or an armed person on campus was found and the lockdown was lifted, Smith said.

Santa Monica police Sgt. Richard Lewis said the callers had apparently heard noise made by construction workers, who were using 22-caliber nail guns to secure bolts to a parking structure on campus. The nail guns make a crackling sound when fired, he said.

The college did not have any classes in session during the lockdown but there were employees and some students on campus registering for classes, buying books or conducting other business.