The Santa Monica College Corsair newspaper won 22 awards in the Journalism Association of Community Colleges statewide competition in Sacramento.

The awards reflect achievements of the newspaper staff under the direction of fall 2004 semester editor Komfort Akyempon and current spring semester editor Maliha Jafri.

Akyempon also won a $100 scholarship from the Journalism Association.

The newspaper’s faculty advisor is Barbara Baird.

Winning a first place award was Randal Nachenberg for his photo story/essay on the “Body Worlds” exhibit at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

Winning in second, third and fourth places and honorable mentions in the mail-in competition were:

Andi Liu, Morgan Genser, Komfort Akyempon, Nehemiah Slaughter, Chad Uyeno, Jonpaul Balak, Margaret Molloy, Ryan Duncan, Alejandro Arpiza, Fernando Aguirre, Jesus Aguirre, Josef Hern and Brandie Harris.

Winning in second and third places and honorable mentions in the on-the-spot competition were:

Maliha Jafri, Gathering Marbet, Marcia Brito, Chad Uyeno, Jonpaul Balak, Geoffrey Dunn, Morgan Genser, Alex Distefano and Cam Sanders.