A Santa Monica College biology major has won a $10,000 prize for his talents as a music video producer.

Student David Reyes recently won OnVidi.com’s Student Video Contest in the music video category for his retro entry, “Best Around,” by the Rancho Cucamonga band Tha Boogie.

“I couldn’t believe that I won at first, I couldn’t even believe my video placed,” Reyes, 20, said. “When the OnVidi people contacted me, I didn’t know what to say, I got chills everywhere.”

Reyes and his brother Mario are producers who have collaborated with many bands to make quality music videos on low budgets. He said he plans to share a portion of the prize money with those who worked on the video, including the band.

“The video is fun, upbeat, and most of all unique,” he said. “It’s nice and simple, visually tantalizing and somewhat nostalgic even for those who haven’t lived in the portrayed time period (late 1960s/early ‘70s).”

Reyes, who started at SMC in spring 2010, said he plans to transfer to UCLA for his bachelor’s degree and hopes to attend Harvard Medical School to pursue a career as a cardiologist.

But Reyes noted he also plans to continue producing music in his free time.

The video contest was launched by Vidi Entertainment Inc., a social media services company that focuses on and utilizes video-based entertainment websites and mobile applications to serve its customers.

To view Reyes’ winning video, www.onvidi.com/student_winners/winners/#!channel=music%20video.