(An exerpt from the very first “Snoopin’ around” column by The Argonaut’s founder, David Asper Johnson, where he tells us about the origin of his familiar caricature)

We must dedicate our first “Snoopin’ Around” column to United Air Lines — and certainly to Lenn Redman in particular.

Lenn is the United Air Lines artist who now flies “the great wide way to New Yawk… New Yawk,” scratching out caricatures of the passengers aboard the DC-10s.

[United] has added “live entertainment” to its 8:45 a.m. flights, including a guitarist, a wine tasting party and our new friend, cartoonist Lenn Redman.

Marina resident and United p.r. gal Katie Hill tells us it’s all a trial effort. But it’s bound to be a success.

All perhaps but those caricatures. Back home in Missoula Mom is saying right now, “my son the publisher never looked like that…”