Jenny Pagliaro and Angelia Petrilli release their new album on Friday

Westside duo Roses & Cigarettes’ long-awaited sophomore album “Echoes and Silence” lands this Friday with a gut punch and a sense of hard-fought triumph. Lead singer Jenny Pagliaro and guitarist Angelia Petrilli were compelled to postpone some local shows this month in deference to metastatic breast cancer survivor Pagliaro’s health, but promotional efforts have not flagged for “Echoes and Silence,” which is generating some blogosphere buzz.

Pagliaro and Petrilli, whose sisterly bond animates their live shows, named their band after a favorite Ray LaMontagne song, partly as a gentle reminder to reach for a certain level of soulful meaning in their songwriting. That goal quietly motivates “Echoes and Silence,” which seizes moments of celebration and camaraderie with deepening awareness of life’s brevity.

The 10-track set follows Roses & Cigarettes’ self-titled 2015 debut and last year’s “The Acoustic Sessions” EP, which previewed “Echoes and Silence” with three raw, acoustic versions of songs on the new record, including the haunting title track, inspired by Pagliaro’s public cancer battle.

On the new album, full-band arrangements and Petrilli’s sparkling fretwork supportively cradle the Santa Monica resident’s expressive vocals, which crackle with vulnerability and defiant resilience. Lively rock (the energizing “Fast as I Can,” “Bones on the Ground”) balances romantic yearning (“Stranded,” a duet with Marc Broussard) and weariness (“Love Song”). Toward the end, the balmy “California Going Home” arrives like an invitation, sweetly capping the album’s pervading message of hope and gratitude.

— Bliss Bowen

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