The South Bay Yacht Racing Club (SBYRC) of Marina del Rey was awarded the “Spirit of Ensenada” trophy at the 58th Annual Newport to Ensenada Race, which ended Sunday, April 24th.

This trophy was dedicated two years ago to honor the yacht club that had the most entries receiving trophies in the race.

This year, SBYRC took honors after 11 members went to the podium to pick up trophies.

Thirteen trophies were awarded and acknowledged in the preliminary Web site report.

The yachting community in Santa Monica Bay should applaud our representatives.

California Yacht Club members received five first through third place awards.

South Bay Yacht Club received four.

Pacific Single Handed Sailing Association brought home two and King Harbor, Redondo Beach and Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Clubs of the Marina each received one trophy in their classes.

Many classes went deeper in trophy presentation than were immediately available.

Therefore, names may not be acknowledged here, but will be available by weeks’ end on the Web site.

Foggy Notion, sailed by SCYA (Southern California Yachting Association) commodore Tom Kennedy received the “Frank Butler Perpetual Trophy,” a trophy that recognizes the Catalina Yacht with the best corrected time.

Orlando Duran, member of the Sea Scape crew, said that prior to finding a hole inside the Coronados — with approximately 22 miles to go — they had winds of 16 to 17 knots, sailing at eight-to-nine-knot boat speed.

However, as all good wind often disappears, “we found a hole, with about 40 boats sharing this space, within a mile,” Duran said.

“You could almost walk from boat to boat.” Gary Green, skipper of Green Dragon, confirmed at a meeting of the group, which lasted from 2 to 6 p.m. Saturday. “And then the wind returned in two and a half hours. Sailing at six to seven knots, the finish was in sight.”

With this group of almost 40 boats all headed for the line, coming from slightly different directions, six or seven boats all finished in about 25 seconds, Duran and Green said.

Both boats sailed under the SBYRC burgee and participated in claiming the “Spirit of Ensenada” trophy.

Green Dragon took third in Cruising-Spinnaker A Class and Steve Cochran’s Sea Scape took fourth in Cruising Gennaker A Class.

The following is a summary of boat, place, skipper and yacht club affiliation:

Trojan Conquest, second place, Cruz (Cruising) GA, Alan and Robin Cheeks, KHYC;

Epiphany, second place, Cruz GB, Steven Uraine, PSSA (Pacific Singlehanded Sailing Association);

Pendragon IV, second place, Maxi A, John Mac Laurin, CYC;

Piranha, second place, PHRF (Performing Handicap Racing Fleet) B, David Voss, CYC;

Cmryu Am Byth, third place, PHRF C, Thomas Herrington, CYC;

Martela, first place, PHRF D, Viggo Torbensen, SBYRC;

Foggy Notion, second place, PHRF H, SMWYC;

Wind Catcher, second place PHRF J, Mike Difede, SBYRC;

El Tigre, second place PHRF K, Kari Keidser, RBYC;

Jayhawk, first place, Sprit A, David Brown, CYC;

Belly Dancer, third place, Sprit A, Art McMillan, KHYC;

Avet, first place, Sprit B, Curt Johnson, CYC; and

Wildcat, second place, Sprit B, John Staff SBYRC.

SBYRC commodore Julie Albright was seen, walking across the U.S.-Mexico border at San Ysidro with the “Spirit of Ensenada” crystal trophy in hand, fearing something might happen to it on the way home.

This trophy will be displayed for the rest of the year at the Marina Venice Yacht Club, where South Bay Yacht Racing Club also meets.

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