The Kids of Widney High, a rock band consisting of an evolving lineup of students enrolled in the special education program at Widney High School in Los Angels, is scheduled to play a gig at 7 p.m. Friday, September 17th, at Track 16 Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica.

Tickets are $5.

The concert coincides with Track 16’s current exhibit, Radiant Spaces: Private Domain, an exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptures created by about 60 California artists with “developmental differences,” according to Track 16 Gallery. The purpose of the exhibit is to capture the pure, unbridled expression of artists who may not have had the exposure to or had been influenced by the methods of other artists or the teachings of traditional art education.

The exhibit, curated by Elena Mary Siff, seeks to display works that may be immune to cultural imitation. The exhibit itself, however, does not share the immunity. It is based on the concept of “Art Brut,” a term coined by Jean Dubuffet, who said “…creativity in its purest form means rejecting all models.”

The exhibit remains on display until Saturday, October 16th.

The musical group Kids of Widney High has been performing its inimitable brand of rock ‘n’ roll since 1988, when teacher Michael Monagan came up with the idea for the group as a project of a songwriting class he was teaching.

With jams like “I Make My Teachers Mad,” “E-L-V-I-S” and “Every Girl’s My Girlfriend,” the group’s original compositions give listeners a snapshot of what’s on the minds of the kids in the special ed class at Widney High.

Monagan plays guitar in the group and is accompanied by non-student musicians Vince Licassi, Judy Rudin, Tony Bollas, and Spero Anthony.

The students contribute to the group by way of singing, composing lyrics and songwriting.

The Kids of Widney High has released three studio albums on independent record labels: Special Music from Special Kids, Let’s Get Busy and the latest Act Your Age. They were also included on two holiday CDs released by KROQ radio.

The group has received press nationally, been featured on television and in films and has done some touring.

The Kids of Widney High traveled to Austin, Texas earlier this year to shoot scenes for Barry Blaustein’s film The Ringer.

Information, (310) 264-4678.