Firefighters used a winch to extract the car from Marina del Rey harbor Photos by Mia Duncan

Firefighters used a winch to extract the car from Marina del Rey harbor
Photos by Mia Duncan

Witness says bloodied driver walked away from the crash at Pacific Avenue and Via Marina

A car speeding southbound on Pacific Avenue crashed through the guardrail at Via Marina and plunged into Marina del Rey harbor on Tuesday night.

First responders were unable to locate the driver, who a witness said fled the scene after emerging from the harbor wet, bloodied and dazed.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphreys said the car went into the water at about 9:48 p.m. and at least one witness told investigators it had been speeding.

Dennis Young, an Orange County resident who witnessed the crash while leaving a friend’s house, told The Argonaut that the car sped past him before shooting straight into the channel and that the driver left the scene before first responders arrived several minutes later.

“I was walking toward Pacific, maybe 15 feet from the street, and this thing went past me like a blur. All I knew was it was the color white and it was fast. I didn’t see any vehicles behind it,” Young said.

“When I got [to the scene] I saw this guy coming out — bloody face, black or dark suit, white shirt — and he was kind of walking in circles, dazed. By that time I’d already called 911. He was completely soaking wet, walking in circles and then he started walking eastbound on Via Marina,” Young continued.

“I kept yelling at him, ‘Dude, you need to stop. Lay down,’ but he was leaving. And he was leaving with somebody. If it was somebody who was with him [in the car], I don’t know,” Young said. “I’m just glad nobody was killed. To be traveling that speed — 70, 80 [miles per hour] — on this kind of street is inexcusable.”

The LAPD’s West Traffic Bureau is investigating the crash, Det. Garry McQueen said.

— Mia Duncans, Gary Walker and Joe Piasecki