(left to right) Meghan Hall, Andre Miripolsky, Juliana LaBarbiera, Christine Hauer, Lucious James IV, Jake Isaacs, Julianna Schley and Thomas Miller. Photo by LUIS CHAVEZ

Viva LA’s recent launch event in Venice was a big success

By Kamala Kirk

Over Memorial Day weekend, Viva LA hosted a series of special events across Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of its 10,000 Flags Project and new line of apparel and accessories. Viva LA is a brand that was created by renowned LA artist Andre Miripolsky and entrepreneur Christian Mitman of BIX Art Group with a team of world-class artists to celebrate LA’s diversity and creativity.

“Over the three amazing days we met bikers, bankers, porn stars, lawyers, art dealers, skaters, comedians, accountants, artists and so many more,” Mitman said. “It was almost overwhelming, but when the message is one of hope, joy and pride, then somehow you can’t get enough! Getting out and introducing Viva LA to so many types of Angelenos in different parts of the city has shown me two universal truths about the amazing people of LA: no matter where you go, we are all Angelenos and we all love this city; and Angelenos love having an icon to call their own, created to celebrate them and their city.”

On May 31, Viva LA gave away limited-edition apparel in Venice Beach and provided Viva LA Venice Beach flags to retailers on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. They hosted similar events on May 29 in DTLA’s Grand Central Market and May 30 in Hollywood at the entrance to Runyon Canyon.

“All three events were fantastic,” Mitman shared. “As we all know, every area of LA has its own unique personality, so although each event was programmatically similar (giving away Viva LA flags, tees and joy to our fellow Angelenos – each event was absolutely unique and perfectly reflected the local vibe. By far the highlight of the weekend was the hour we spent at the Venice Skate Park getting to know some of the skaters. Two of the most well-known skaters at the park that day took time to pose for a show-stopping photo to show their support for the people and city of LA.”

On June 13, Viva LA gave away Pride flags at The Abbey in West Hollywood to show their support for the LGBTQ community. They look forward to hosting more events in the future, and continuing to connect with Angelenos and visitors alike.

“After such a long and lonely lockdown, ‘Viva LA’ is so much more than just a phrase or an icon,” Mitman said. “It’s a feeling, an energy, an unspoken bond we can share with a stranger or new friend. We didn’t know any of the people we met over Memorial Day weekend, but even after just a few minutes together, we had our love of LA and Viva LA in common.”

Mitman added, “Viva LA was created to give everyone who lives in or loves LA something in common as a starting point to build our local and overall civic pride, and reinforce that although we may not know them, Angelenos on the other side of town are just like us. We’re all just doing the best we can. Viva LA is still just getting off the ground, but it’s clear that Angelenos are ready to have something in common. Viva LA!”

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