California state law requires that State Assemblymember Mike Gordon’s replacement be chosen by special election.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is required to call such a special election within 14 days of Gordon’s death.

Gordon, 53rd Assembly District member, died Saturday, June 25th, at age 47 of complications from a brain tumor.

He was elected to the Assembly last year after serving as the mayor of El Segundo from 1998 to 2004.

The special election must be held within 119 days of the special election being called.

With this timeline, the special election would be held one week before the Tuesday, November 8th, special election that Schwarzenegger has previously called.

Assemblymembers said the State Legislature could combine the two elections to be held on the same day to save state election costs.

Republicans and Democrats are already talking up various successors to Gordon.

Gordon was a Democrat.

Two Republican candidates previously filed papers to challenge Gordon next year — Republicans Greg Hill, former mayor of Redondo Beach, and Paul Nowatka, a Torrance City Council member.

Hill was the Republican nominee last year and ran against Gordon in a bitter contest for the 53rd District seat but lost.

Another potential candidate for the special election is Democrat Ted Lieu, also a Torrance City Council member, and Gordon’s campaign manager.

Political observers say that Lieu is the top choice among Democratic leaders to replace Gordon.