reduction, recycling, material reuse

Playa Vista has been honored by the State of California 2005 Waste Reduction Awards Program in recognition of achieving a 93 percent rate of waste reduction, recycling, and reuse of materials.

The rate achieved by Playa Vista exceeds the 50 percent goal set by the state Integrated Waste Management Board for companies operating in California.

Playa Vista received the award based on a number of waste reduction and recycling strategies, ranging from inside the corporate office and the construction of new buildings to the design of the interior and exterior of homes.

“We are pleased to be recognized for our commitment to sustainable design by the State of California,” said Playa Vista president Steve Soboroff.

In 2004, Playa Vista diverted 8,136 tons of construction waste material from the disposal of 8,757 tons of waste.

Gypsum, unpainted wood materials, waste from framing lumber, landscape maintenance, and drywall operations were sent to a grinding machine and recycled.

Metals of all types were sold to scrap dealers in the Los Angeles area for domestic and export markets.

Aggregate was crushed and will be used as road base. Other materials recovered are used for roofing material, road base, and landfill cover.

Land clearing operations included the separation of green waste plant materials. A community recycling plant mixed all of these materials together with food waste and ground the material into a raw form of mulch. As construction projects near completion, the “once waste” material is shipped back to Playa Vista for planting and landscaping.