A first-time fiction writerís short story that was published in Santa Monica Collegeís national literary journal Santa Monica Review has been selected for the 2009 volume of the prestigious ìThe Best American Short Stories.î

Writer Steve De Jarnattís ìRubiaux Rising,î which was included in the spring 2009 Santa Monica Review issue, will appear in the collection published by Houghton Mifflin and edited this year by Alice Sebold.

De Jarnatt, of Los Angeles, is a screenwriter, television director and film producer whose credits include ìMiracle Mile,î but Rubiaux Rising is his first short story to be published. The story tells of a returning war veteran with a metal plate in his head who arrives in New Orleans just in the time for the breach of the levees.

ìThis is tremendously exciting for us and an affirmation of our publicationís judgment in selecting exceptional stories,î said Andrew Tonkovich, editor of the semi-annual Santa Monica Review.

ìThe Best American Short Storiesî has been published since 1915, and each yearís edition has a different guest editor.

Founded by SMC creative writing professor Jim Krusoe, the Santa Monica Review is in its 21st year of publication.