Three yacht clubs hosted nearly 75 boats of many designs, in celebration of the Southern California Yachting Association 76th Annual Midwinters Regatta, Saturday and Sunday, February 19th and 20th.

As a strong Pacific storm system battered the Southern California coast, the race committees prepared to brave the weather and complete the scheduled events between the downpours that occurred Saturday.

Foul weather gear was the costume of the day for both committees and competitors.

However at California Yacht Club (CYC) — where the one design fleets competed — one Martin 242 racer competed shirtless Sunday.

Principal race officer Richard Mainland and his committee guided Schock 35, J-80, Star and Martin 242 classes through three races Saturday and two races Sunday.

The Schock 35 class was dominated by CYC’s Jeff Janov and crew on Ripple.

Second place in this class found Ray Godwin and crew on Whiplash.

Third place was awarded to Steve Arkle and team aboard Power Play.

The J80 class was led by Curt Johnson and crew on Avet.

Newport Beach Star class sailor Erik Lidicis on Sush Monger placed first, followed by Bill Buchan on Frolic by just one point. Sush Monger’s success came in spite of the loss of its rig in the first race on Sunday, when the mast was clipped by a passing Star boat, Mainland reported.

The Martin 242 class first place was awarded to Commodore Bill Petersen of CYC on Trolleycar.

CYC junior staff commodore Craig Leeds and Margie Cate, and Steve and Stephanie Hathaway sailing Strange Crew shared second place.

Skippered by Mike George, 9 Lives took third place in five-race competition.

On Sunday, Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA) board member Richard Craven presented trophies, including the prestigious Frank Borsage Perpetual Trophy, to the Star class winner.

Mainland was supported by not only the staff of the club, but a race committee of 22 volunteers. The event was deemed a total success, in spite of the weather.

As at CYC, the army of volunteers at Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club began the preparation of the PHRF (Pacific Handicap Racing Fleet) and Cruiser classes.

As the racers arrived, principal race officer Al Berg called for a one-hour postponement to assess the weather conditions.

Although the seas were very confused and producing rollers of five feet, the committee concluded that it was a go, so off to the course they went, with four classes following.

Anchoring in these conditions is a challenge, and Ghost II had its share, but the anchor finally cooperated, the weather calmed down a bit and the classes started.

Cruiser classes sailed one race each day and the PHRF Classes sailed two.

Sunday brought better weather and a good start for all. The wind was off the beach, which limited the number of courses that could be set for the racers.

The cruisers got their start, the PHRF classes got their start and finishes and it was time to pick up and head back, and then came the rain. A downpour accompanied the crowd back to the docks.

SCYA board member Anne Sacks was at Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club to present trophies:

First place — PHRF B, with four points, was awarded to John Staff, SBYRC, sailing Wildcat.

First Place — PHRF B with seven points, was awarded to Jaime Cantu, Pacific Mariners Yacht Club (PMYC), sailing Can 2.

Cruising Spinnaker first place went to Stu Coleman, South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club (SCCYC), with six points, sailing Reliance.

Cruising Non Spinnaker first place was awarded to Robin Cheeks, King Harbor Yacht Club, sailing Trojan Conquest.

SCYA board member Anne Sacks presented trophies with Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club commodore Peter Glick.

The volunteers at Santa Monica Windjammers again numbered in the teens.

With the Sabots, the other division to be run, principal race officer Lee Lewis at Del Rey Yacht Club and his race committee, numbering in the teens, managed 24 competitors representing five yacht clubs.

Twelve races were run in weather conditions which varied with rain and sun on Saturday, and just gray skies on Sunday.

Courses had to be adjusted as the wind direction shifted to maintain a fair Windward/Leeward leg for the racers.

There was one capsize in class B on Sunday and one protest to handle.

The competitors feasted on famous junior food of hot dogs with the fixin’s for lunch both days and nachos and tacos for trophies.

Staff commodores Mort Bloom and Ron Kaplan were present to help SCYA staff commodore Jerry Martin present the trophies to the following winners:

A Class:

first place, Sean Crane — CYC;

second place, Greg Dair — CYC; and

third place, Cameron Walsh — South Bay Yacht Club,

B Class:

first place, Jenna Kennedy — Del Rey Yacht Club;

second place, Kitchie Ruevalas ñ CYC; and

third Place, Seamus Dougherty — DRYC.

C Class:

first place, Annie Miller — DRYC;

second place, Evan Miller — DRYC; and

third place, Christopher Hayes — CYC.