After nearly two years of designing, planning, drawing and painting, Kentwood Elementary School in Westchester unveiled two large murals measuring six feet by 28 feet that adorn the auditorium walls.

“Special Children’s Art Foundation has made this tremendous opportunity possible for our school,” Principal Jean Pennicooke said.

“We also owe a lot to artist Marc Kolodziejczyk and parent Mylah Wessels. Vista Paint donated the supplies and the students of Orville Wright Middle School and Westchester High School helped the Kentwood students paint the murals.”

One painting depicts students and musical art images to reflect Kentwood Elementary’s music program, while the second painting contains images in theater arts to encapsulate film, television and theater to encourage young students to engage their talent through school performances.

This project not only brought the community together, but highlighted the collaboration between special needs and general education children who worked together to create fine art, Pennicooke said.

The murals will be on display at the Kentwood Elementary campus tour at 9 a.m. Thursday, November 19th.