Students of three local high schools have won college scholarships funded by a partnership of the Education Financing Foundation of California and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.

The scholarships were awarded Tuesday, June 20th, at a reception sponsored by Paramount Studios and Wells Fargo.

Winning $2,500 gold scholarships were Westchester High School students Jasmin Abdul, Sharla Berry, Jasmyne Fine, Ashley Glaspie, Diron Rivers, and Jasmine V. Wills.

Silver scholarships of $1,000 were awarded to Gabrielle Jones-Butcher of Westchester High School; Azin Keyvani of Santa Monica High School and Atsuko Okatsuka of Venice High School.

Alexandra Jackson, of Westchester High School, won a $1,000 bronze scholarship.

At the June 20th ceremonies, $186,000 in scholarships were awarded to students who participated in the College and Career Convention last fall and more than 60 Cash for College workshops were held throughout Los Angeles this spring.

Program officials say that, during the program’s four years, the workshops have helped more than 65,000 Los Angeles students and families get free help on college and career opportunities and with completing college financial aid forms.

Students who attended the convention or workshop or completed financial aid forms or had taken part in all three activities were randomly selected to win scholarships.