Art students in the stained glass day class at Westchester-Emerson Adult School won several awards at a competition held by Allen-Kenoyer, a Lawndale art supply store. The school is at 8810 Emerson Ave., Westchester.

S.F. “Bud” Wride won first place in beginner and mosaic categories.

Ted Koga won first place in flat panel and theme red, white and blue categories.

Bernie Giddings won first place in original design and Best in Show.

Giddings designed and built a three-dimensional cobalt blue dirigible using a variety of glasswork techniques.

Rosalie Fisher won second place for original design.

Vera Ricketts won the Allen-Kenoyer Award for original mosaic design.

The day class in stained glass meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:45 a.m. to noon. Ray Baughn is the class instructor.