Lavender and Truffles adds a touch of heat to its plant-based ice creams

By Caden Sullivan

Venice pop-up Lavender and Truffles combines traditional Asian spices with organic oat milk to create a slate of unique flavors

A new pop-up in Venice called Lavender and Truffles gave a sneak peek of its plant-based ice creams with free tastings last Sunday. The ice cream boutique, which officially opens in November and will remain open through the end of the year, showcased eight flavors that combine spices from traditional Asian cuisine with organic oat milk ice cream.

The name of Lavender and Truffles itself nods to a combination of savory and sweet flavors. The use of spices seems like a strange combination with ice cream, but that’s exactly what the pop-up’s founder, Alicia Liu, is going for. Describing her background in Chinese cooking, she says, “In our culture, we use a lot of spices and herbs to flavor. With ice cream and everything that’s out there, from the rocky roads and the chunky peanut butters to the Snickers, it doesn’t have to be loaded with a lot of stuff to make it taste good. And I think herbs and spices are completely forgotten.”

Liu’s emphasis on cooking with spices is evident in her flavors. Releasing eight flavors to reflect the Chinese lucky number, she chose to showcase Lavender White Pepper, Spiced Kona Coffee, Ginger Turmeric, Black Tahini, Spiced Hot Cocoa, Raspberry Lemon, Mint Strawberry, and Sumac Roasted Strawberry. Although each flavor has a unique spice and taste to it, all of the Lavender and Truffles options are simply delicious. As Alicia says, “A little goes a long way.”

Liu came here from New York and set the goal to spice up a plant-based product. Her take on ice cream is delicious, healthy, colorful and tastes truly unique. The more success she sees in pop-ups, the more likely the ice cream is to be placed on the dessert menu of a Lavender and Truffles cafe-boutique in the future.

The Lavender and Truffles pop-up is located at 1510 Pacific Ave. Venice. Store hours are noon to 6 p.m. Thursday through Sunday starting in November. If you missed the tasting event on Sunday, go follow @lavenderandtruffles on Instagram or visit to stay tuned for the next one.